A collection of (mostly) cute illustrations

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Learning to draw is just crazy, I’m still learning how to draw (and hopefully will never stop). It’s an INSANE amount of work. The only way to learn is if you really love doing it. Draw everyday, study life and anatomy, draw at starbucks, draw animals and people at the zoo, go to museums, look at artists you admire and then look at the artists that they admire. Everyone has their own style, and it’s not really something you can focus on. I remember being super concerned about what my “style” is, and I still am. But I try not to even think about it. Just draw how you draw and keep trying to learn. A style kind of develops depending on your taste and what you study. No two people will ever draw the same! Good luck, I hope you can achieve a style that you’re happy with!


We have 2 labs full of lovely wacom cintiqs, and another lab with regular wacom tablets and smaller cintiqs. We are pretty spoiled with our resources, though we do pay a lot for tuition. And thank you so much! ;-;